• 128 user programs plus 128 external preset selections. 
  • Changes can be stepped through via UP/Down foot switch or from accordion grill. 
  • Controller sends on 8 channels at once.. 
  • Keyboard supports 2 polyphonic Midi channels and 1 monophonic channel (Top note Priority). 
  • Chord buttons play 2 polyphonic channels. 
  • Bass plays 2 polyphonic channels. 
  • Device 1 controls any digital remote device unit, example drum machine, sequencer etc. 
  • Keyboard, Bass, and chords are Velocity Sensitive and are assignable for sensitivity, and dynamic envelope curve. 
  • Three-octave voice selection for poly, solo, chords, and bass keyboards. 
  • Program keyboard controls include Midi channel selection, volume, transposition +/- 12 semitones in Global or Poly. Kybds., pedal is assignable for volume - modulation - after touch - sustain, and pedal sensitivity. 
  • Global program volume balance control the for polyphonic, solo, chord, and
  • bass sections. 
  • Accordion grill controller enables you to select your user or preset selections via the up/down buttons or a individual entry. The Dir. button accesses 10 banks of 10 programs each. The controller supports button commands for Panic reset mode, rhythm start/stop and tempo + / -. 
  • Low Bass keyboard note selection. 
  • Sensor contacts with auto recalibration control. 
  • PC Dump / load of program data via DOS. 
  • Lit LCD screen angle mounted on accordion grill for viewing data. 
  • Predisposed for future Midi wire-less control. 
Midi Futura is offered on all Baldoni accordion models.
 Baldoni accordions are equipped with 5 treble,  2 bass preamped and EQ'd condenser microphones. Use of only one PC board ( plug in' sockets) insures service ease. The streamlined components mounted in the product create NO acoustical interference. In-house stock of all Midi components and Next Day delivery insure service with-in 24 hours. 
Upon request, Baldoni Accordions Inc. can make available on their accordions midi systems offered by other manufacturers, including: Music Tech., Master, and Logic Systems.  
Prices and product specifications are subject to change without notice